Warm Hearth Foundation Awards Scholarships to Employees

July 22, 2023

Each year for the past four years the Warm Hearth Foundation has awarded approximately $10,000 in scholarships to employees from donations made by residents, employees and other donors interested in the welfare and advancement of our employees.  This year, we had a record number of applicants — word is spreading about our desire to support employee growth. The Foundation Board awarded funds to everyone who provided a complete application and who is pursuing Warm Hearth Village (WHV) job related education in ceremonies held in late June.  This year, the scholarship funds donated to the Foundation also helped to establish the CNA education program at the Village which sponsored five CNA students in their quest to gain certification. To date the Foundation has awarded approximately $39,000 to 28 employees.

2023 Scholarship recipients are:

Jenny Brisendine: pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at Radford University.

Marcus Burks: working to become a group instructor for the general population through Box N Burn Academy.

Annie Dickerson: pursuing Licensed Practical Nurse Certification at New River Community College.

Deanna Farley: pursuing  Registered Nurse certification at Wytheville Community College.

Tabitha Greenhalgh: working on prerequisites for Registered Nursing program at New River Community College.

Amy Greer: pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Nursing at New River Community College.

Bridget Sawyers: pursuing Licensed Practical Nurse certification at Smyth County Technical School.

Chasity Stoots: pursuing Registered Nurse certification at Wytheville Community College.

Alia Zaro: pursuing certification as an independent trainer in Positive Approach® to Care which provides a wide variety of services to enhance awareness and increase dementia care skills.

Amy Greer has been with WHV 21 years and is the Unit Coordinator for the Willows and Arbor at Kroontje Health Care Center. In 2021 she received Foundation funding to become a Registered Medication Aide and this year she’ll continue her advancement in pursuit of a degree in nursing. “I want to thank the Foundation for this opportunity. It has been such a blessing,” said Greer. “Warm Hearth has always been great about giving employees opportunities and helping them develop. I want to be valuable to my team and becoming an RN is going to open up even more opportunities here,” she added.