Volunteering at Warm Hearth Village

The Cornerstone of Our Community

Volunteers at Warm Hearth help keep our community alive and well. Our volunteers are crucial to help keep our campus running and we are thankful for their selfless giving to help the lives of seniors in our community.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers make a deep impact in the lives of our residents while also receiving foundational skills needed for a successful future career in caregiving. Whether you’re volunteering with one of our Foundation programs or a separate Warm Hearth Community group, our programs would not be possible without the help of our countless volunteers.

We offer multiple volunteer opportunities for you to assist residents, maintain our campus, assist in events, and much more. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator below for more information or any questions.

Benefits of Volunteering

Preparing Yourself

For our volunteers looking to start a career in senior-residence care, we provide first-hand mentoring in our continuum of care. Volunteers develop and learn in real-life experiences through each area of our Warm Hearth campus.

Giving Back

Not only do our volunteers get life-changing skills, but they also receive benefits directly from our community and The Foundation. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to earn and apply for scholarships, grants, and funds to set up a brighter future for yourself.

Lasting Relationships

Our volunteers work with a community of people from different backgrounds and experiences. As a volunteer, the connections you make can help set up career steps, create lasting friendships, and provide a fulfilling experience in caring for those in need.

Volunteer Information Form

Apply Now! If you’re ready to begin giving back to our Warm Hearth Community, fill out the application below!

Contact Us

Mardy Baker

Director of Events and Volunteer Coordinator