Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

In order to make the Fitness Center a clean, safe, and enjoyable facility for all members, it is necessary to provide certain rules and regulations and to uniformly enforce them. The Fitness Director reserves the right to alter and/or add to the rules in order to maintain the best possible exercising environment. Please familiarize yourself with the following rules:


  • Participant paperwork and equipment orientation must be completed for each member before initial use of the Fitness Center.
  • It is recommended that all participants check with their physician prior to beginning an exercise program.
  • All participants must sign in at the Fitness Center.
  • Instruction on proper use of all equipment will be provided to all participants. Personal Training is available with an additional charge.

Facility Rules

  • Patrons must conduct themselves in an orderly and appropriate manner. We reserve the right to suspend admittance to the Fitness Center or participation in Fitness Center programs as the result of behavior problems that disrupt programs and/or participants.
  • Drinks are limited to a spill proof bottle in the cardio/strength equipment room, group exercise room, and pool area.
  • Food is highly discouraged. May be allowed conditionally with medical necessity, please discuss with Fitness Director prior to use. Snacks are available in emergencies (ex – diabetes).
  • Pets are not permitted in the facility except assistance dogs. Assistance dogs are not allowed in the pool.
  • Storage cubbies are available in the cardio/strength equipment room, group exercise room, and pool area. Please do not store valuables in this area. Warm Hearth Village Fitness Center is not responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged at the Fitness Center.
  • Theft of personal property belonging to another individual, or property of the Fitness Center, or anyone aiding in such theft, will receive an immediate minimum one-year suspension for the Fitness Center and the police will be notified. No-refunds for pre-paid participants.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, or any person under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be permitted in the Fitness Center and not permitted past the studio doors, pool area, and restroom/dressing area.
  • Individuals are not permitted to use the center for personal gain. All individual lessons (personal trainers, therapists, swim, etc.) must have written approval from the Fitness Director.
  • Recording devices (still cameras, cell phone cameras, video cameras, etc.) or interviewing within the facility must be approved by the Fitness Director prior to use.
  • Threatening, abusive, or indecent language or actions toward Fitness Center staff, participants, or guests will result in a suspension from the Fitness Center. Length of suspension will be determined by the Fitness Director.
  • The Fitness Director has the authority to revoke individual’s privileges of using the Fitness Center for any length of time for violations of the rules and regulations.
  • All equipment malfunctions, emergencies or injuries must be reported to a Fitness Center staff member immediately.
  • For your safety, please do not use a cell phone while operating fitness equipment. Please use common courtesy by removing yourself from the area during a call.
  • Participants must wear appropriate exercise attire at all times. Please show respect for fellow members by wearing clean attire that is not overly tight, revealing, or baggy.
  • Participants must wear appropriate exercise footwear. No open-toed shoes, open-backed shoes, boots, or sandals are allowed.Failure to wear proper footwear will result in denial to workout.
  • No firearms permitted in the facility.
  • Inclement weather- Please call 540-443-3474 for hours and/or closure updates.
  • The Fitness Center will be closed on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. New Years and Christmas Eves, we will be closing early.

Cardio and Strength Training Equipment

  • Participants must wipe off all equipment after use. Sanitation wipes are located in the cardio/strength equipment room.
  • Fitness Center staff will assist participants with equipment preparation, adjustments, and use. Please ask for assistance.
  • There is a 30 minute time limit on cardiovascular machines during busy times.
  • Place assistive walking devices against the wall when using equipment.
  • Allow other participants to share strength equipment when doing multiple sets.
  • Return all equipment to its proper location after use.
  • Free weights should never be dropped on the floor. Due to potential harm of the equipment, flooring, other patrons, or self, dropping free weights may lead to suspension from the Fitness Center.

Group Fitness

  • All fitness classes are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Rubber-soled, non-marking athletic, jogging, or running shoes must be worn in all group fitness classes. Sandals, dress, and open-toed shoes are not permitted in the group fitness rooms.
  • Exceptions only for classes that require bare feet, socks, or dance shoes.
  • For the safety of participants, please follow the instructor’s directions and keep conversation to a minimum during the class.
  • To avoid disrupting the class, please arrive to the classroom prior to the class start time.
  • Participants are asked to return all equipment to its proper location at the end of class.


  • A lifeguard will not be on duty. Swim at your own risk. It is recommended to not swim alone.
  • Shower before entering the pool.
  • Proper swim attire is required. This includes swimsuits, board shorts, swim shoes, and rash guard shirts. Please do not wear any street clothes in the pool.
  • Rubber soled shoes are recommended.
  • Walk carefully on the pool deck. No running is allowed.
  • No horseplay in or around pool.
  • No diving is permitted.
  • No persons will be permitted to swim with skin lesions, discharges, sores, inflamed eyes, mouth, nose or ear discharges, or any symptoms of any communicable disease, diarrhea, respiratory infection, or head lice.
  • No gum
  • The Fitness Center employees are available to assistance with pool equipment as needed.
  • Place assistive walking devices against the wall when entering pool. Ask a Fitness Center staff member for assistance in walking across the pool deck.
  • A pool lift is available for those who cannot enter the pool by using the steps. Anyone who enters the pool via the lift must have one-on-one assistance in the pool at all times. Please see Fitness Center staff if pool lift use is requested.
  • In the event of an “accident” in the pool and for the safety of all swimmers, the pool will be closed in order to add the necessary chemicals to disinfect the pool.
  • The pool may occasionally be closed for maintenance, cleaning, or repair. Participants will be notified of pool closures ahead of time when possible.

Lap Swim

  • Lane dividers will be installed if too many people are in the pool during free swim time. Ask Staff for assistance.
  • Lane dividers are markers. Please do not hang on or play with them.
  • Be courteous to other swimmers and share lanes and swim in a counter-clockwise circular pattern in the lane.
  • If you are the faster swimmer, wait for an appropriate time to pass so that it does not hinder another swimmer’s pace.
    If you need to rest at the end of the lane, please position yourself at the side corner of the lane lines as to not impede another swimmer’s turn.

Family Swim

  • A lifeguard will not be on duty during Family Swim hours. Adult supervision is required at all times.
  • All children who are not potty trained must wear an approved swim diaper when swimming. We require a reusable swim diaper over the top of a disposable swim diaper.
  • Inflatable floatation devices are not allowed. Swim bubbles and US Coast Guard approved life vests will not be supplied, but you are welcome to bring your own. However, floating enhancement devices NEVER replace in-water adult supervision.
  • To avoid injuries and to allow all participants usage of the pool, pool toys are not allowed in the pool.
  • Children aged 7-17 must have an adult (18+) in the pool area with them
    Children under age of 6 and/or any child that must use a life jacket/floatation device must be accompanied by an adult IN the pool.

Guest Pass Policy

  • Each Warm Hearth Village household receives two complimentary guest passes per month. These passes cover facility usage and group exercise class participation for one guest for one day.
  • All guests must sign in the guest book located in the fitness office.
  • When a resident has a guest, the resident needs to be present or call the fitness center to acknowledge guest usage.
  • Guests must be 18 or over to use the center. The only exception is during family swim day.
  • If a household has used both complimentary guest passes for the month, day passes may be purchased for $12.