Kroontje Health Care Center Receives Java Music Club Grant

December 26, 2021

Warm Hearth Village’s (WHV) Kroontje Health Care Center (KHCC) recently received funds from LeadingAge Virginia to implement a two-year program called the Java Project. LeadingAge received a $356,640 grant from the Virginia Commonwealth Civil Monetary Penalties Reinvestment Fund (CMP) through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. These funds are being used to improve the quality of life and care in 30 Virginia nursing homes.

Jonathan Tate, Activities Director, explained the Java Music Club program is a unique research-based peer support activity created for residential care settings. Typical programs focus on staff working with residents, but this program is about what residents can do for each other. The club includes five to seven socially isolated residents who meet once a week to discuss a topic and then incorporate music.

According to the research, using themes, photography, music, readings, and a talking stick, seniors are able to engage with each other in a highly participatory group. “Our residents have already seen benefits from this program.  They are developing stronger social and emotional bonds with each other by sharing grief, happiness and different experiences in the group setting. Connections are being made and these social relationships carry over to other activities,” Tate said.

WHV is always seeking innovative experiences for residents and works with them and the greater community to create opportunities that enrich their lives and promote a wellness-inspired lifestyle.