Special of the Day

April 7 Curbside Service

Baked Potato – butter, sour cream, chives, bacon bits, cheddar cheese  $6.00
Soup: Italian Wedding $1.75 cup  $3.50 bowl
Sides: Salad, chips, fresh fruit or a cup of soup
From the Bakery:
Blueberry turnovers, apple turnovers, gf oatmeal cranberry cookies, chocolate chip cookies, cranberry mandarin oatmeal bars, cinnamon brown sugar scones
Call 443-3801 to place an order. Specials are also available on the Village information line at 443-3473.
See below for the weekly dinner menu.

 Huckleberry Café

We're still up and running! We offer the ability to pay over the phone and have no contact pick up at the curb at the front entrance to the Village Center.

In addition to daily breakfast and lunch, the Huckleberry Café is offering Dinner To Go on Tuesday and Thursday with a menu that changes weekly. Call the Café at 443-3801 to place your order by 2 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Pick up times are from 4 to 5 pm. 

Please call 540-443-3801 to order breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Breakfast & Lunch Menu To Go

Weekly Dinner To Go Menu (Tuesday & Thursday)