pickle ball roland 


Warm Hearth Village (WHV) will soon have a new multi-purpose outdoor recreation court on its campus. Village resident Roland Byrd, who is an avid Pickleball player, spearheaded the initiative to create a designated area on the Warm Hearth campus for Pickleball, tennis, ping pong and basketball. Byrd made a sizable gift to the Warm Hearth Foundation toward the construction cost for his project and encouraged other residents to do the same. He has also remained involved in the planning process, working alongside WHV staff and Hurt & Proffitt, the Blacksburg engineering firm contracted to build the court.  

On September 2, ground was broken in an area adjacent to the Village Center. Byrd, who has lived at WHV for nine years, said, “I am really pleased to have had the means and opportunity to help bring this new asset to Warm Hearth. It will be something many of us will enjoy as well as residents for years to come.” With Byrd’s help, the Warm Hearth Foundation received contributions for the project totaling $35,136. These funds will cover construction costs for the court as well as additional equipment to accommodate the various sports and interests of other residents.

Associate Director of Development for the Warm Hearth Foundation, Amy Slone, worked closely with Byrd to coordinate fundraising for the project. "Working with Roland on this project was a wonderful experience,” Slone said. “I love that Warm Hearth values and prioritizes a cooperative environment. This project is a perfect example of how our residents and staff truly collaborate with one another to share knowledge and utilize the expertise of all.”