AEP, CHP Energy Solutions and Warm Hearth Work Together To Make Apartments More Energy Efficient

May 26, 2022

Warm Hearth Village is participating in the Appalachian Power Virginia Low-Income Multifamily Program at Trolinger and New River House Apartments.  Funding from this program has allowed residents in these subsidized apartments to receive education and upgrades to save energy, reduce consumption, protect health and safety and ultimately lower electric bills.

Community Housing Partners-Energy Solutions (Energy Solutions) connects with electric and gas utility companies to provide energy measures for their age- and income-qualified customers.  Sara McCarter, WHV Project Manager, coordinated with Energy Solutions on the project. “It was so heartwarming to have Energy Solutions staff working together with us and our residents. As a Village, we strive to form tight bonds with the greater community, and in this case the funding and Energy Solutions’ involvement will have a direct impact our residents’ quality of life,” she said.

The apartments were some of the first buildings constructed at the nonprofit retirement community back in 1983.  The maintenance needs and keeping pace with energy efficiency is a constant focus, one which Warm Hearth approaches with sustainability in mind.  The next phase of the funding involves work on HVAC systems and weatherization measures.