Our History

A Tradition of Caring

Founders, Wybe & Marietje Kroontje (Wee-ba and Mar-ee-cha Croon-cha) poured their hearts and soul into creating a community that respects both people and nature.

Finding a Better Way

Our Founders were Dutch immigrants who came to the U.S. after enduring the occupation and oppression of World War II. The Kroontjes dreamed of building a retirement community to serve as an expression of gratitude to America for their freedom. Rooted in the belief that “there had to be a better way”, the Kroontjes’ community would be a place where the dignity of every individual on campus would be respected, where seniors would be encouraged to live life to the fullest, and where all people would be welcomed into an inclusive community.

Redefining Retirement

In contrast to the “typical” cold, institutional facilities they observed, the Kroontjes envisioned a village alive with the beauty of nature and committed to protecting the natural beauty of our environment. Wybe tossed aside the cookie-cutter plans and drafted a truly visionary 100-year master plan modeled after those in their homeland.

Tenacious and unrelenting, he garnered support from the community and led a grassroots effort to build a village where seniors from all walks of life would come together. Each contributing their own special talents, ideas, and experiences, knowing their contributions are valued and vital for growth and contentment.

Today, the Kroontjes’ vision is alive and well at the heart of Warm Hearth Village as we continue to reinvent retirement.