20 year employees 2

In the ever-changing workplace where retention is a challenge for many industries, Warm Hearth Village (WHV) is proud to recognize a group of nearly 20 employees who have given 20 or more years of service in 2020.  They represent nearly every discipline at Warm Hearth, from nursing to administration to maintenance and dining services. Warm Hearth’s mission to nurture a transformative environment where people live and work in community, knowing their contributions are essential to our success is fitting when celebrating this dedicated group of people. “Their contributions are immense and the historical perspective they possess is invaluable,” says Ferne Moschella, President and CEO.  She celebrated her 20-year milestone in January and is in the midst of planning for her retirement in September of this year.

Many of the 20 in 2020 group worked with founders Wybe and Marietje Kroontje and were inspired by their vision and tenacity in chasing their dreams which resulted in the establishment of Warm Hearth Village.  When asked why they have stayed with the organization for so long, the number one answer is “the residents” and a close second is “Ferne”. 

An additional 54 employees will celebrate anniversaries of 10 or more years of service in 2020.